Products & Services

Billing System Data Integration

The system is designed to easily implement the exchange of data with billing systems, with real-time reporting enabling Municipal users to view records imported to and exported from the system as well as customer balances and restrictions. Utilities World staff have broad experience with integration in order to exchange customer arrears balances and transactional data.

Arrears Recovery and Account Payment

The system is capable of integrating with the existing billing systems for the exchange of customer and account information in order to collect arrears and receive payments for other Municipal accounts. It is able to collect arrears either as a percentage of sales or as a minimum payment per monthe or transaction. Customers also have the choice to pay off their arrears in full or to make a payment higher than the minimum required in the month at any time during the month.


A standard, comprehensive , set of reports is supplied, if however there is a need for additional or customised reports these will be designed and depolyed for the client as a part of the implementation process. All reports are updated on-line and are available immediately to the user. All reports may be printed or exported to Excel or PDF directly from the user interface, making distribution of data simple and efficient. In addition reports may be auto-mailed to recipients on a periodic basis. Our standard report set includes but is not limited to:

  • Transactions by customer, vending point
  • Sales summaries by day and month
  • A monthly management summary
  • Exception reports showing low and no buying


  • The ability to log into the system and update customer data over any internet connection allows for utility staff to work remotely from the office environment, which is especially useful over holidays and weekends where staff do not have to travel to the office in order to perform emergency customer updates such as meter changes. Further to this Engineering okens are available from the management system interface and may be printed or SMSed directly to technicians in the field to update meter details.
  • The system utilises a single database and once updates are performed to a customer's record they are immediately available for vending without having to perform any secondary tasks such as transfers or synchronisation.
  • Our system has an advantage over its traditional predecessors in that it is maintained and updated centrally. All Management Client updates are made to the web page and Vending Client web application updates are automatically deployed at system start-up to the client. In addition, the deployment of new vending systems is easily managed by the client IT staff as the only intervention required from Utilities World is the provision of a new SSL ceritificate for the client.


Systems & Services

  • Cloud Based System
  • Web Interface
  • Secured by SSL certificate, two-factor authentication
  • Arrears Recovery and Account Payments
  • Integrated Third Party Merchants
  • Bill Payments
  • Data Cleansing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Funded Revenue Enhancement
  • TID Updates
    • Self Service
    • House-to-House
    • Cashiers and Vendors
  • LPU Audits and Data Management
  • Spatial Data Capture
  • STS 6 Certified
  • ISO Certified

Third Party Channels

We are connected real-time to Easy Pay and Blue Label Technologies and are able to offer third party vending services at all enabled outlets. This includes all Pick n Pay and Shoprite stores, Boxer stores, Spar stores as well as most fuel stations. The use of third-party vendors allows customers to purchase at all hours and from multiple points at the likes of the national Pick n Pay outlets, FNB ATM's and on the Easy Pay website. Third party sales are settled twice monthly to clients using a simple and transparent remittance and payment process.

We also include and sign up any local spaza or shop that the community is familiar with and support and this in turn supports the local business trade as well.

Additional Benefits

  • Customer portal available for customers to view purchases and consumption data
    • Easy to access anywhere, anytime
    • Customers can view information in the safety of their homes
    • Information at their fingertips!
    • Customer Portal

  • Meter Management and Audit application (MMA)
    • Android mobile application to record meter data, audits, GIS coordinates and pictures
    • Paperless
    • Real time updates
    • MMA Download

  • TID rollover readiness and implications
    • Proven methodology
    • Success with being the first to assist a municipality to their TID Rollover process
    • We can offer our expertise and knowledge